Where We Started

We started off in the bicycle industry making titanium cogs, chainrings, and bottom brackets as Boone Technologies. We grew to be in 56 countries all over the world. We discovered that we could make titanium rings with the material we used in bottom brackets. This was around 1993 (before the Internet was really a thing) that we formed Boone Titanium Rings, so we were among the first to pioneer the titanium ring industry. 


Since then, we've expanded our ring offerings to meteorite inlays, wood inlays, laser engraving, other metals, and even kinetic rings. We are still making them at www.BooneRings.com  One of those kinetic rings was called the Man Ring, which had a series of tiny tools on it. We made it as an exercise to showcase the capabilities of our laser system, but to our surprise, it went viral on the Internet! Thousands of bloggers, vloggers, magazines, and even the Science Channel set their sights on this product and we got more traffic than we knew what to do with. Unfortunately for us, our price point was way too high (because making them to size took over 8 hours to make!) and most people were turned away because of it.


With hindsight as our guide, we asked ourselves, what if we change our business model? What if we prototype a MultiTool in house, perfect it, and then send the dialed in files off to a third party manufacturer for production? Instead of 56 ring sizes to keep up with, we could make one standardized tool. That way, we could offer the product for a price our customers are more comfortable with, and we can keep up with demand this time! Everyone wins!


Bruce Boone