Here's why you need ToolFob!

Here's Why You Need ToolFob!
21 Functions
ToolFob has it ALL, from wire strippers to pliers to a raptor blade for opening those pesky packages. We've got the highest function to size ratio of virtually any MultiTool on the market!
Aerospace-Grade Titanium

ToolFob uses the same 6AL4V Grade 5Titanium used in fighter jets and rocket parts for its body and some tools. This is what we use in our rings.



Fire Starter
ToolFob has a Ferrocerium rod that when struck by a blade causes 5400degree sparks which can be used to light tinder to start a camp fire.


Lightweight and Compact
ToolFob weighs just 1.2 oz = 36g Measuring in at just 2 1/8 inches x 1 5/16 inches (54 mm x 33 mm), ToolFobfits perfectly on your key ring, in a pocket, or in a backpack.



Stainless Steel Blades
ToolFob uses 410 Stainless Steel for each of the blades, which are completely replaceable!
Hex Bits
Accepts standard 1/4 inch by 1 inch Hex Driver Bits for whatever the job needs. They click in for use or stowage.